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Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise invites colleagues to cooperate in the development of methods for comprehensive psychological and linguistic research

To the attention of psychologists and linguists experts!

Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise began the process of developing a methodology for complex psychological and linguistic research. The corresponding activities are carried out in the framework of the research work of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine with subsequent introduction of the methodology into the State Register of methods for conducting forensic examinations.

The creation of new methodology is a creative process based on the knowledge of patterns of features forming process for research facilities, the discovery of these features using certain means and methods. The specific purpose of creating new methods is to expand the scope of factual data provided to the investigation and the court, based on the possibility of meeting new challenges, studying new objects, reducing the terms of expertise, material and labor costs, reducing the number of unresolved issues, improving the scientific level and completeness solution of expert tasks.

“In our opinion, preparing a methodology is a common thing, because we create it for everyone. If there is a vision or proposals, we are open to cooperation,” said Yurii Irkhin, the Head of the Psychological Research Department of KFI.

Specialists of the Psychological ResearchDepartment of KFI invite colleagues to cooperate.

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