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Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language is a state holiday celebrated annually in Ukraine. It was established on November 9, 1997, by the Presidential Decree “On the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language “in support of “the initiative of public organizations and taking into account the important role of the Ukrainian language in the consolidation of Ukrainian society”.

According to the Orthodox calendar, it is a day of commemoration of the Reverend Nestor the Chronicler — a follower of the creators of Slavic writing Cyril and Methodius. After all, researchers believe that it is from his work that the written Ukrainian language begins.

The Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise congratulates the Ukrainian people on this wonderful holiday. The Ukrainian language unites our state from west to east, from north to south. Language is our cultural code, our identity, our heritage that we inherited from our ancestors and must not only preserve but also enrich for posterity. Happy Holiday!