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Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise congratulates on the Day of the Assembly of Ukraine!

For centuries, the Ukrainian people dreamed of an independent, unified, cathedral state. It was on January 22, 1919, that the Act of Unification was proclaimed – the unification of eastern and western Ukrainian lands into a single Ukrainian Cathedral state. And although the Ukrainians did not succeed in realizing what they wanted then, this event became a vivid manifestation of their desire for national unity. That is why we celebrate the great date of our centuries-old history — the Day of the Assembly, the holiday of the unification of Ukrainian lands into a single independent state.

Today, our country is going through difficult times, the Ukrainian military once again stood up to protect the state from an external aggressor. Our Armed Forces are once again confronting the enemy and defending the unity and independence of Ukraine. The idea of unity was and remains a basic national value of Ukrainians. And now it is a prerequisite for the success of our resistance to external aggression. Congregationalism involves not only the memory of the common past but also requires united cooperation for the sake of the future. We, Ukrainians from different regions of the country, work together, fight against the occupiers, and we unquestionably believe that the integrity of the state will be restored when Ukraine frees all territories captured by the enemy. After all, Unity is the goal of our long-awaited Victory!

We express great gratitude to all those who, in difficult times for our country, stood up for the protection of territorial integrity and national interests.

And we sincerely wish all Ukrainians good health, happiness, goodness, peace, harmony and deep faith in a worthy future of Ukraine! Unity is our strength! 

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