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Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise congratulates on the Day of Embroidery!

On May 19, 2022, Ukrainians celebrate the Day of Embroidery.

There are things in the culture of each nation that vividly reflect its special national tradition. In Ukraine, one of such symbols is the embroidered shirt. “Vyshyvanka” (a casual name for the embroidered shirt) is a national amulet, a shrine that symbolizes the spiritual wealth of the Ukrainian people and carries our traditions and wisdom.

But today Ukraine must protect not only its physical borders but also its spiritual and cultural ones. And the embroidered shirt in this struggle is the spiritual armour of Ukrainians. The embroidered shirt was, is and will be a symbol of our identity, faith, hope, love, struggle, and most importantly – victory! Embroidery Day is another holiday for Ukrainians, another manifestation of the unity of our people in difficult times. Ukrainian embroidered shirt has long been a marker of our identity, our nation, and this is how we will once again remind the world of ourselves.

Traditionally in Ukraine, this day is celebrated on the third Thursday in May, and according to good custom, this holiday is joined by Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise employees, who have a collective tradition to wear an embroidered shirt on this day.

And, remembering the powerful power of this attribute of the Ukrainian people, let’s wear embroidered shirts more often – not only on holidays but also on weekdays. Then no one and nothing will be able to defeat us, Ukrainians! Happy Embroidery Day! We are strong! We are free! We will win!

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