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Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise celebrates Remembrance and Reconciliation Day

May 08 marks the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation. People all over the world remember the losses, pain, and injustice of World War II. Remembrance and Reconciliation Day was proclaimed by the decision of the 59th session of the UN General Assembly on November 24, 2004.

Ukraine has been celebrating Remembrance and Reconciliation Day since 2015. It is held under the slogan “Never again” so that present and future generations do not experience the horrors of war. However, as in 1939-1945, in 2014, and now, from February 24, 2022, Ukraine is waging a defensive war, defending its borders and territorial integrity. Today, as never before, we are aware of the strength and importance of international cooperation for comprehensive peace and justice in the world.

Today, Ukraine, like 77 years ago, is embroiled in war and forced to fight for its existence and integrity. Our relatives at the front are protecting peaceful life from war. Today, the work of the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise is aimed at protecting Ukraine from the enemy. Some employees of our institute and its branches joined the ranks of the Armed Forces and the Territorial Defense Forces in order to defend their native land, to defend our Ukraine!

This day reminds us that there is nothing more important than peace and victory over madmen who bring death, despise the right to life and liberty, and do not abide by international doctrines and declarations.

But the Armed Forces of Ukraine are heroically defending our land. We are full of pride and boundless gratitude. On this day, together with the whole world, we will be able to honestly say “Never again”, because we never wanted this war, but it was brought to us. We never dreamed of killing, but we must drive the enemy out of our land.

Ukrainians, we are united, we are strong, and the truth is behind us. We will win! We honour the memory of the heroes and bring our victory closer.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!

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