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Kyiv Scientific Research Institute holds training on the training of forensic experts on the course “Theoretical, organizational and procedural issues of forensic expertise”

According to the program of training of forensic experts approved by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on the basis of KFI, classes are held on the course “Theoretical, organizational and procedural issues of forensic expertise”.

Persons applying for the assignment or confirmation of the qualification of a forensic expert have the opportunity to listen to the course of reports from professional lecturers of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise on the following topics:

  • The theoretical basis of forensic examination and the basis for its development.
  • Forensic and expert activity. The role of forensic expertise as a means of proof. Regulations that regulate forensic expert activity in Ukraine.
  • The procedure for conducting forensic examinations.
  • Classification of forensic examinations.
  • The procedure for appointment of forensic examination in different types of proceedings.
  • A forensic expert, rights, duties and responsibilities. An expert and a specialist (procedural aspect).
  • Methods of forensic examination. Expert methods. Stages of expert research.
  • Expert opinion (structure, content, design).
  • Typical shortcomings and mistakes in conducting expert studies and drawing conclusions of the expert.

The speakers of the classes were Tetiana Holikova, the Deputy Director of KFI, Iryna Tymoshok, the Deputy Head of the Laboratory of Organization of Expert Activities, Dmytro Kalnoi, the Head of the Regulatory Support Sector, Volodymyr Nazarov, the Head of the Certification and Quality Management Department, and Mykola Molyboha, the leading research worker of the Division for traceology research, ballistic and weapons research.

he general specificity of forensic institutions is the combination of expert, scientific and methodological activities. Experts of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise systematically work on the improvement of qualification and this direction of work will continue.

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