Kruty Heroes Remembrance Day

January 29 marks the 105th anniversary of the battle of Kruty. It was on this day in 1918 that several hundred young students in unequal conditions of battle opposed the five thousandth Bolshevik Army. And despite the superiority of the enemy’s forces, Ukrainian defenders managed to stop the russian offensive for several days. All of them understood the main thing – Ukraine needs their protection. It was one of the most tragic confrontations in our history, the history of the struggle for Ukraine’s independence.

This battle has become legendary and symbolizes the patriotism and self-sacrifice of young people in the struggle for Ukrainian independence. The feat near Kruty became an example for many future generations.

And now, during a full-scale russian invasion, young people became one of the first to take up arms to protect the future of their native country. They joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, often without combat experience.

In early March 2022, near the place of the feat of the Heroes of Kruty, the battles of the defenders of Ukraine with the Russian occupiers took place again. Fierce fighting continued in Moshchun, Irpin, Makariv, where brave Ukrainians, like 105 years ago, opposed the enemy and now continue to give a worthy rebuff to the insidious enemy in other territories of Ukraine.

We appreciate the feat of everyone. We honour the memory of the heroes who died near Kruty. We remember those who gave their lives in the struggle for independent Ukraine. We honour our defenders who are defending the Ukrainian state today.

Glory to the Heroes! Glory to Ukraine!

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