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KFI joined the seminar of the Ukrainian Bar Association

On March 08, 2024, the Committee on Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure of the Ukrainian Bar Association held the event “Retrospective Assessment, from Problem to Solution. Practical cases”.

Illya Gerasymenko, Deputy Head of the Laboratory of Engineering and Technical Research of the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, participated in the seminar as a speaker. The event was also attended by Viktor Huniavoi, Deputy Head of the Research Department for the Operation, Use and Evaluation of Real Estate of the Laboratory of Engineering and Technical Research.

The issues discussed were the requirements for initial data in retrospective evaluation; the admissibility of interval evaluation (ranges of probable values); the reliability of the results (research); the conditions for determining damages and the relationship between appraisers and forensic experts.

During the event, the issue of the Property Valuation Practice publication on retrospective property valuations “A Difficult Path from the Present to the Past” was presented. The collection “A Difficult Path from the Present to the Past” is based on specific practical examples – criminal proceedings where property valuation was used, and an analysis of existing valuation methods and recommendations of the State Property Fund of Ukraine in this area.

The seminar was useful not only for specialists in the field of property valuation, but also for lawyers working in the field of criminal law and procedure.

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