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Interdepartmental scientific and practical conference “Actual issues of the criminal process, criminology and forensic examination”

Representatives of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise took part in the work of the interdepartmental scientific and practical conference “Actual issues of the criminal process, criminology and forensic examination”. The event was held on the basis of the National Academy of Internal Affairs with the participation of domestic and foreign experts.

Following the Strategy for the reform of the judiciary, judicial proceedings and related legal institutions for 2015-2020, the National Human Rights Strategy and other documents, in view of the complication of the crime situation in Ukraine, the participants met with the aim of discussing and finding ways to solve the urgent problems of the criminal process, criminalistics and forensic examination. It was about effective ways to improve work by:

  • the improvement of criminal procedural legislation and practice of its application by the bodies of pre-trial investigation;
  • increasing the effectiveness of forensic support for the detection and investigation of crimes, the training of personnel in relevant specializations in universities with specific training conditions;
  • the improvement of legislation and separate legal procedures in the field of forensic expert activity.

In a welcoming speech, Volodymyr Chernei, the rector of the National Academy of Internal Affairs noted that cooperation with KFI gives an opportunity to improve the training system for future forensic experts and to develop new areas of research in response to contemporary needs of society. First of all, this is a question of combating cybercrime and the professional use of polygraph.

In addition, the Head of the Academy noted the need for practical implementation of theoretical discussions, an example of which was the publication of the manual “Participation of a specialist in the inspection of the scene”, which was presented at the conference.

The publication was prepared by the authors’ team of representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, the National Academy of Internal Affairs and the Main Investigation Department of the National Police of Ukraine, with the assistance and international technical assistance of the European Union Advisory Mission.

In the practical manual deals with the algorithm of the expert’s activity during inspecting the scene, the features of detection, fixation, seizure and packaging of trace information, tactics of actions when inspecting the scene in certain situations.

Commenting the event, director of the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, Oleksandr Ruvin, noted that the developed manual would be useful for employees of pre-trial investigation bodies, expert departments and applicants for higher education degrees of law schools, because it summarizes the best experience of domestic specialists and takes into account the recommendations of foreign colleagues.

As a sign of respect and cooperation, Oleksandr Ruvin, director of KFI, presented to the rector Volodymyr Chernei a souvenir for the Academy museum – a copy of the documents of the first completed forensic examination of 1913.

Udo Moller, the Head of the Operation Department of the European Union Advisory Mission, thanked colleagues for the opportunity to participate in the preparation of the manual: “We see that even now professional law enforcement officers face many problems in the reform process that require immediate resolution. On behalf of the European Union Advisory Mission, I thank the authors for this manual, as this is a large-scale work and an important practical asset. We are pleased that we could work a smoothed team and make our contribution to the common cause of justice.

Within the framework of the conference, considering the possibilities of the regulation, the audience heard more than twenty scientific reports of scientists. The forensic scientific schools and features of investigation of various types of crimes were discussed as well as the improvement of pre-trial investigation and forensic expert activity, tools for forming judicial evidence and many other topical issues.

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