Intellectual Property Examinations

  • Research Related to Literary and Artistic Works
  • Research Related to Computer Programs and Compilations of Data (Databases)
  • Research Related to Performances, Phonograms, Videograms, Programs, Organization of Speech
  • Reseach Related to Inventions and Utility Models
  • Reseach Related to Industrial Designs
  • Reseach Related to Plant Varieties
  • Reseach Related to Animal Breeds
  • Reseach Related to Commercial (Proprietary) Names, Trade Marks (Marks for Goods and Services), Geographical Designations
  • Reseach Related to Topography of Integrated Circuits
  • Reseach Related to Trade Secrets (Know-How) and Innovations
  • Economical Examinations of Intellectual Property

The main objective of intellectual property examinations is to determine the characteristics of these objects, which include industrial property, copyright and related rights.