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Inna Holova, the expert of KFI has become a participant of AIPLA Women in IP Networking Global Event

Every year, namely in the spring, women, specialists in the field of intellectual property participate in an event that is extremely important for the global women’s community – the AIPLA Women in IP Networking Global Event.

This year, Inna Holova, the head of the department of commodity and intellectual property research of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise has become a participant in the event.

The event was organized by the American Intellectual Property Association brings together women who practice intellectual property or work in a related field. Its distinction is a unique format. Meetings take place simultaneously in dozens of cities in different countries of the world. Participants meet for morning coffee, a gala dinner and all this happens on the same day in order to consolidate efforts.

As a part of the Ukrainian meeting of AIPLA Women in IP Networking Global Event, an art workshop and informal communication were organized for women professionals in the field of intellectual property.

During the event, an international call was traditionally held, during which participants from different countries congratulated colleagues and shared their impressions from visiting the AIPLA Women in IP Networking Global Event.

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