German-Ukrainian training “Verification and study of documents”

With the support and assistance of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, the German-Ukrainian training “Verification and study of documents” was held at Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Within two working days, representatives of the Federal Police of the Republic of Germany shared their experiences with Ukrainian colleagues in the study of documents of various types, the study of their security elements and recognition of fakes.

Tetiana Holikova, Deputy Director of KFI, in a welcoming speech noted that cooperation with foreign colleagues is extremely important for specialists of the Institute and for the experts of the document technical research department, in particular. Indeed, the exchange of experience and new cases on the process of studying documents from foreign colleagues significantly expand the capabilities of Ukrainian specialists and allow quickly finding answers to problematic research questions.

Speakers at the event were Senior Police Commissioner Falk Unger and Police Chief Officer Bert Endler.

In the introductory report, they acquainted the training participants with the unit of the German Federal Police Inspectorate’s Unit for combating crime on international illegal movements of vehicles and the study of documents.

The curriculum of the first working day contained topics that revealed issues of general vehicle identification capabilities, as well as studies of vehicle certificates and documents, body numbers, factory tables and license plates.

The second day was dedicated to the study of European Certificates for the use of vehicles, document security and recognition of fakes.

In addition, foreign colleagues spoke about the use of European systems (search tools) for the identification of “EuFID” and “Dokis”.

Summing up the work, the training speakers presented Commemorative Certificates to all participants and expressed gratitude for the fruitful work.

Representatives of Kyiv scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, in turn, also thanked their foreign colleagues for open conversation, effective training, new experience and knowledge gained.

We hope that such meetings will become a good tradition and will contribute to the expansion of international

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