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Forensic Psychological Research concerning the case of Nadiia Savchenko

According to the decision of the investigator on July 24, 2018 was appointed a psychological investigation within the framework of psychological examination in criminal proceedings concerning Nadiia Savchenko. The Commission of Experts of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute for Forensic Expertise was present in full and ready for an expert review.

Nadiia Savchenko arrived at Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, but right before announcing the beginning of the examination she categorically refused to go through the research reasoning that there were misunderstandings with the investigator in the context of resolving the issues.

“The examination on July 24, 2018 is solely the desire of Nadiia Savchenko, it was introduced on her personal request. She personally wrote a list of questions that she was interested in. But today, upon arrival at the Institute for research, it turned out that the questions did not correspond to the content of the decision on the appointment of forensic psychological examination. Nadiia Savchenko refused to undergo the research, until she has established and agreed upon a full list of questions she wants to take out for the research”, said Yurii Irkhin, Head of the Department of Psychological Research of KFI.

According to the Head of the Commission of Experts Yurii Irkhin the statement of questions, their interpretation and content is not within the competence of forensic experts. The client of the examination is a pre-trial investigation body, that is, the investigator and, accordingly, all procedural issues must be coordinated with the investigators by Nadiia Savchenko and the side of her defense, that is, the lawyer. Today Nadiia Savchenko personally wrote a statement about the refusal to undergo an examination. The experts decided to inform the pre-trial investigation body of the impossibility to give an official conclusion, because the investigation itself did not take place.

We also should note that the participation of a lawyer in the conduct of forensic research is the sole competence of client of the examination, that is, the investigator decides on the advisability of the participation of a lawyer.

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