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“Forensic examination: solution of controversial issues”: experts’ comments in the newspaper “Evening Cherkasy”

In today’s society for the civilized protection of rights more and more there is a need to solve disputed issues through forensic examination.

According to the current legislation, the examination may be appointed by the court, the investigating judge at the request of any party in the case. The customer of the examination can be both a legal entity and an individual. Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine is a leading public institution, provided with modern and powerful equipment, where an experienced team of well-known scientists and experts in the field of forensic examinations works. On May 13, 1998, a new structural unit was created at the Institute – the Cherkasy Branch, whose employees for 21 years at a high professional level, meet the needs of courts of all levels, investigative divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security Service of Ukraine, Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, State Bureau of Investigations, prosecutors, customs and other agencies, and citizens in the use of special knowledge.

Today, the following forensic examinations are carried out at Cherkasy Branch of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise:

  • handwriting examinations: signatures’ research, handwriting, the establishment of the fact of intentionally changed handwriting, the study of left handed handwriting;
  • questioned documents examination: research of all documents, research of prints of seals and stamps, establishment of fact of addition, reprinting, corrections, research of weakly visible texts, determination of the sequence of drawing the details of the document …;
  • investigation of the circumstances of the road traffic accident: establishing an accident mechanism (speed, braking and stopping tracks, trajectories, distances, etc.) determining whether the driver’s actions comply with the requirements of the Road Traffic Regulations, establishing a causal link between the driver’s actions and the accident;
  • transport and trace research: identification by traces left by the vehicle; determine the relative position of the vehicle at the time of collision; determination of the place of collision of the vehicle and the place of collision with an obstacle (pedestrian);
  • construction and technical research: assessment and distribution of real estate, determining the technical condition of real estate, determining the cost of construction work, as well as determining the cost of damage caused by fire, destruction, natural disasters etc.;
  • land and technical research: determination of characteristics of land plots (configuration, area, measurements, etc.); distribution and use of land; the establishment of boundaries, the definition of possible options for the approach and travel to the land;
  • fire engineering research: determining the causes, conditions and processes of occurrence, time and ways of fire spreading; establishment of circumstances that contributed to the occurrence and spread of fire; assessment of the conditions, means and methods of extinguishing a fire; compliance of the technical condition of the facility with fire safety regulations;
  • economic research: study documents of accounting and tax accounting, the economic activity of enterprises and organizations, financial and economic (credit) operations;
  • commodity research: the definition of the value of goods, changes in the quality indicators of commodity products; establishment of a method of production of commodity products (industrial or homemade); establishment of conformity of packaging and transportation, conditions and terms of storage of commodity products to the requirements of the current rules, etc .;
  • automotive consumer research: definition of the market value of wheeled vehicles, their components, and also the size of the cost of material damage caused to the owner or owner of the wheeled vehicles, its components as a result of damage;
  • life safety research: investigation of violations of safety and health requirements, establishment of mechanism, causes and consequences of accidents, accidents and compliance of certain persons with the requirements of normative and technical documents;
  • electrical research: identifying the causes of emergency modes in electrical networks and electrical equipment, the influence of these modes on electrical appliances and human electrical safety, analysis of electrical installations and their compliance with regulatory requirements, electrical equipment research;
  • engineering and environmental research: determining the circumstances associated with the onset of emergency ecological situation; establishment of causes and consequences of the influence of man-made sources on the environment and objects of the environment; establishment of conformity of actions/inactivity of persons involved in the emergency ecological situation to the requirements of normative acts;

If necessary, experts of the Cherkasy Branch of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise provide consultations on the preparation of materials for the appointment of forensic examinations and studies.

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