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Features of the expertise of holograms carry out by experts of KFI

Holograms’ expertise has gained popularity in view of their use for the protection securities, documents and goods. Holographic security elements are used as one of the degrees from counterfeiting in combination with printing and other types of protection. Independently they are used in most cases to protect goods’ counterfeiting or as a means of access control (a variety of holographic seals).

The experts of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise carry out expertise of the protective elements of the state entrance visas, passports, certificates, plastic payments means, diplomas, travel documents etc. In addition, there are also studies of holograms which are widely used in the packing of alcohol beverages, cosmetics, tea, coffee and a number of other industrial goods.

The subject of hologram’s expertise is the established actual data related to the production and use of holograms obtained on the basis of special knowledge in the field of technical and forensic studies of holograms and intermediate products of holographic production in accordance with the procedure prescribed by criminal procedural law.

Objects of expertise are holograms which are used as control means, image, visual holograms and intermediate products of holographic production, namely software, photo masks and mock-ups, primary holograms, blazed holograms and original holograms, master-matrixes for the replication of holograms.

The practice of specialists of KFI shows that the most frequent ways of holograms’ forging are the follows: falsification or imitation (replace of the original hologram by the same with a similar logo), galvanic copying of the diffraction microstructure, contact copying, two-step copying of a hologram, making of the hologram by the given logo. Each of the said ways of forging has its own features which are reflected in a hologram and can be detected in the expert’s research.

The experts of KFI solve identification, classification and diagnostic issues during the process of holograms’ research.

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