Фахівці КНДІСЕ стали учасниками круглого столу «Тактичні вимоги при проведенні судової експертизи та складанні висновку експерта»

Specialists of the Laboratory of scientific, methodological activity, regulatory support and international cooperation of the Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine took part in the international scientific and practical round table “Tactical requirements for forensic examination and drawing up the expert’s conclusion”.

The event was organized by the National Center for Forensic Expertise at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova with the participation of representatives of Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, and Romania.

During the work, a wide range of topical issues of forensic expertise were discussed the following topics:

  • “Involvement of foreign experts in forensic examination”;
  • “Peculiarities of appointment of forensic and economic examination in the investigation of organized criminal activity in the field of taxation”;
  • “Clarification of the expert on his conclusion: problems of tactics of participation in interrogation”;
  • “Integrity and contextuality of the expert’s conclusion”;
  • “Research of similar signatures of close relatives”;
  • “Tactics of forensic examinations” etc.

In general, the event was informative and effective. It is emphasized that the relevant scientific and practical meetings contribute to the establishment of international communication of expert institutions, improvement of regulatory and legal regulation of forensic expert activity and creation of conditions for proper and effective expert support of justice.