Within the meeting of the section of the scientific advisory and methodological council on forensic examination of documents, experts of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise visited the Banknote and Mint of the National Bank of Ukraine.

The Mint was put into operation in 1998, which marked the creation in Ukraine of a complete cycle for the production of the national currency. Experts of KFI have seen collections of commemorative coins made of precious and non-precious metals, government and departmental awards and badges, souvenir products, they also have learned about the specifics of manufacturing various types of securities.

Particularly relevant was the theme of protection of banknotes and securities. As part of the technical examination of documents, experts examine the methods of their production, the availability of changes and the way they are introduced, weakly identifiable or invisible texts and the identification of instruments and materials used to make a document or to make changes to its contents, etc.

The object of the study of the section of the technical examination of documents can be as a document in general (for example, when establishing the method of its production, identifying the whole by its parts etc.) as well as its individual elements: details, materials (under the requisite we mean the set of elements and the prescribed conditions of execution those or other documents, the absence or violation of which deprives the document of legal force).

The experts of KFI and the participants of the section on the issues of forensic examination of documents had an opportunity to discuss with representatives of the Banknote Mint the issue of ensuring the proper quality of banknote and premium products, compliance with its necessary parameters and other important issues.