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Experts of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise took part in the International Seminar “Pressing issues of forensic research of vehicles and registration documents”

The pressing issues of forensic research of vehicles and registration documents, the forensic experts discussed during the international scientific and practical seminar in Zaporizhzhia.

Within two working days the participants of the event have heard over 30 reports of Ukrainian and foreign speakers. It was about the practice of cars’ research of different brands, the modern aspects of combating the legalization of stolen vehicles, the algorithm of actions of specialists in the conduct of vehicle inspection, the cases of changing identification numbers, the special study of additional carriers of information on cars of foreign production, etc.

Serhii Naumenko, a senior researcher of the Laboratory of Forensic Research, was the representative of Kiev Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise. The expert’s report of KFI was devoted to certain aspects of the manufacture and personalization of accompanying documents that are manufactured on a polymer basis for vehicles.

Specialists noted that the level of fraud in the production of false documents and filed off numbers of units recently has increased significantly. An average citizen will not be able to identify a fake on his own and in most cases such cases lead to significant financial costs.

According to Serhii Naumenko, the main recommendation for avoiding trouble is to seek professional help from specialists with appropriate training; they carry out an expertise or expert research and unquestioningly can establish the truth.

“Is it worth buying a car? How to make the re-register documents correctly? Experts will answer these and other questions. The whole process is complex and this area is now actively developing. There are relevant regulatory documents, information and reference databases, international cooperation are being implemented,” says Serhii Naumenko, an expert at KFI. – It is also necessary to constantly monitor innovations from car manufacturers. In a competitive struggle, they annually produce new models and modifications of vehicles. The place of marking, the ways of applying information and the structure of numbers are changing. Only by creating professional information databases is it possible to trace these details in a timely manner “.

As a result, the participants of the event agreed that only joint efforts of the police, Ukrainian and foreign experts would allow achieving positive results in the field of forensic research of vehicles and registration documents.

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