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Experts of KFI took part in the International Symposium under the auspices of ENFSI

Kateryna Pedko, the forensic expert of the Department of phonoscopy, computer and telecommunication research, took part in the 13th International Forensic Symposium of European Network of Forensic Science Institutes.

The event was held on September 26-29 in the city of Bratislava of the Slovak Republic. Representatives of forensic institutions from 20 countries of the world joined in, including Ukraine, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Hungary, France, Latvia, Moldova, the Republic of Macedonia and others.

The main topic the organizers identified the questions of portrait identification and biometrics. Participants discussed the identification of a person on the basis of appearance and fingerprints. In addition, the speakers introduced the structure and activities of international organizations, such as Interpol and Europol.

Within four working days, it was also a discussion about the boundaries of the responsibility of forensic experts, because the task of identifying a person on the basis of the face appearance in legal practice occurs quite often. The main content of the photographic expertise is the analysis and comparison of the facial external signs and their images on photographs with the use of special techniques of comparison, alignment, graphic modeling and calculations of the mutual arrangement of facial features. The purpose of these studies is the identification of a specific person depicted in the presented research facilities. According to Kateryna Pedko, a representative of KFI, the symposium participants agreed that the expert should not give any assessment to the facts that are considered within the framework of the case, but only within the limits if their powers to answer specific questions that are put before experts.

Further prospects for the development of various areas of forensic expertise were discussed at the end of the meeting.

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