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Experts of KFI took part in the conference “Counteraction to crime: theory and practice”

Viktor Kostetskyi, the Head of the Laboratory of Forensic Research, became a participant of the XIII scientific and practical conference “Counteraction to crime: theory and practice.”

The event was held on the basis of the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine with the support of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine and Research Аcademician Stashis Scientific Research Institute for the Study of Crime Problems National Ukrainian Academy of Law Sciences, the Consultative Mission of the European Union in Ukraine and Council of Europe Office in Ukraine.

The purpose of the event was to unite the efforts of scientists and practitioners in solving problems of combating crime, as well as to develop recommendations for the improvement of criminal, criminal executive and criminal procedural legislation.

The conference was attended by representatives of expert institutions, representatives of scientific and pedagogical staff, adjuncts (graduate students), students and cadets of higher educational institutions of legal profile, employees of the court, law enforcement and other government agencies.

The priority topics for discussion were the following:

– the current state of combating crime and the problem of its legal and regulatory framework;

– development and implementation of measures to counter crimes in certain areas;

– problems of protecting the interests of individuals, society and the state in criminal proceedings;

– improvement of the order of execution and serving of sentences;

– a legal entity as a subject of criminal-legal relations, etc.

As a result of joint work, participants of the XIII scientific and practical conference “Counteraction to crime: theory and practice” discussed and developed the main proposals on criminal law, criminological, criminal procedure, criminal executive and criminalistics problems of combating crime. The final document will be sent to the Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Віктор Костецький став учасником XIII науково-практичної конференції «Протидія злочинності: теорія та практика»

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