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Experts of KFI took part in an international forum dedicated to computer forensics and digital security

Experts of the Phonoscopic, Computer-technical and Telecommunication Research Department of KFI became participants of the international event “Cellebrite User Forum Kуiv 2018”. The event was devoted to computer forensics and digital security.

According to the companies – the world leaders in digital data processing, the main organizers of the event, digital data play an increasingly important role in the field of security, investigation of crimes and operations of all types. Law enforcement agencies, the armed forces and expert institutions must constantly improve the set of solutions for digital forensics, sorting and analyzing large amounts of information.

Heads of IT services and security services of enterprises, experts in the field of information security and investigation of computer crimes, heads of relevant departments of state structures were invited to participate in the event.

Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise was represented by a group of experts: Dmytro Samarin, senior forensic expert, Oleksandr Zaks, senior forensic expert, Serhii Kirychek, senior forensic expert, Oleksandr Sobkov, forensic expert and Heorhii Mashkov, forensic expert.

Among the main topics were questions of methods and means of criminalistics, advanced developments in mobile forensics, the use of modern software products during research and the peculiarities of extracting “cloud” information.

The speakers during the speeches focused attention on the fact that together with the growth of the number of mobile devices, the volumes and complexity of the data on which they are stored are growing. Accordingly, the speed and timeliness of using the tools necessary for information extraction are more important than ever.

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