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Experts of KFI told the journalists of “ICTV” and “ZIK” channels about the features of ballistic research

Experts of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise continue to cooperate with media representatives to ensure the needs of the public in informing about forensic activity.

In response to the information requests of the “ICTV” and “ZIK” television channels Ihor Samoilenko, the Head of the of tracological, ballistic and weapons research department, told about the possibilities of using the latest comparative microscope.

The newest comparative motorized microscope is designed to perform a full range of studies in the carrying out of ballistic and tracological examinations.

Ihor Samoilenko, the expert of KFI, noted that the characteristics of the microscope in terms of the range of magnifications, lighting systems, digital camera parameters and ergonomics, lead the device to advanced positions in the segment of comparative microscopy.

In the process of working with the device, a specialist has the opportunity to perform automatic comparison of various objects of research, to perform step-by-step photography-scanning of bullets, cartridges and shot shells, and also to create their three-dimensional computer model for reconstruction. This function allows you to present the original view of the object, to carry out a perfect identification and comparison the traces of weapons.

A set of specialized fasteners allows working with all types of ballistic and tracological examinations.

The microscope is equipped with a specialized digital camera and image acquisition software. In the set of the device there is standard calibration of international model, thus the expert has an opportunity to carry out automatic removal of the dimensional characteristics of the investigated objects.

The use of the new generation of equipment will improve the efficiency of forensic expert activity and contribute to a significant reduction in the timing of forensic examinations.

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