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Experts of KFI examine the quality and cost of road construction works

The main element of the road that ensures road safety is its road surfacing. Today, most of the Ukrainian automobile roads are equipped with a non-rigid type of road “clothing”, in the vast majority of asphalt concrete coatings and, unfortunately, often with a violation of the quality requirements for the road surfacing. The problem of the quality of the executed road construction works in Ukraine is very acute, and this, in turn, negatively affects road safety. In addition, the low quality of automobile works to a significant rise in the cost of road transport.

In a special interview for the publication of “The Journalist”, Serhii Neizvestnyi, the forensic expert of the Sector of the Laboratory of Engineering Research of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, told about the specifics of construction and technical expertise in determining the volume, quality and cost of work in road construction.

About the algorithm for performing forensic examinations of the appropriate kind, the importance of studying the design, executive and reporting documentation, specific visual examples of road pavement on Ukrainian roads and many other interesting issues, see the report of the “The Journalist”.

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