Експерти Вінницького відділення Київського НДІСЕ

The specialists of the Vinnitsa Branch of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, namely Anna Lozinska, Viktor Voznyi, Lina Melnyk and Liliia Simchuk presented the Institute at the round table discussion “Opportunities for conducting forensic handwriting and linguistic examinations within the framework of the current challenges”.

The meeting was held on the initiative and on the basis of the Vinnytsia Scientific Research Forensic Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine with the participation of experts, representatives of the Investigative Department of the State Tax Administration in the Vinnytsia Oblast and delegates from the Vinnytsia Trade and Economic Institute of the Kyiv National Trade and Economic University.

The participants discussed topical issues of the designation and conduct of handwriting and linguistic research, reviewed the current state of methodological support and legal regulation in these areas and also exchanged practical experience of expert work.

Within the framework of the round table meeting, the typical shortcomings in the design of documents by the initiators on the appointment of forensic examination of the respective areas were summarized as well. Particularly lively was the discussion about providing sufficient quantity and quality of comparative material, establishing its authenticity.

In general, the round table was informative and effective. At the end of the meeting, the participants received generalized information from the meeting in thematic information letters “Features of the appointment of a forensic handwriting examination and specific shortcomings”.