Завідувач відділу досліджень проєктної документації та вартості будівельних робіт Київського науково-дослідного інституту судових експертиз Міністерства юстиції України Олексій Командиров

Oleksii Komandyrov, the Head of the Research Project Documentation and Construction Costs Research Department of the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, was the speaker of the Ukrainian TV program.

During the broadcast, the expert from the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise told the audience about the security conditions of housing, their verification by specialists and residents, and analyzed topical issues of modern urban planning.

Oleksii Komandyrov noted that, residents of high-rise buildings should pay attention to the serviceability and operability of ventilation systems and gas appliances, take a responsible attitude to the recommendations and safety requirements for their use.

“You can always contact the relevant organizations with a request to install gas analyzers, connect them to the automatic gas shut-off valves of the gas network and automatically turn on mechanical ventilation in the event of a gas leak,” noted Oleksii Komandyrov.