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Experts from KFI visited the Intellectual Property Forum – 2018

Inna Holova, Head of the Department of Commodity and Intellectual Property Research, became a participant of a large-scale international forum on intellectual property “Intellectual Property Forum – 2018” (IPF-2018).

The event was organized by the leading edition of Ukraine – “Legal Practice”. Experts of the state system of legal protection of intellectual property of Ukraine and representatives of the authorities conducted joint work on resolving pressing issues and researching intellectual property.

During the forum sessions were considered issues of world and Ukrainian tendencies in the development of intellectual property rights, judicial practice in the handling of cases on the protection of intellectual property by the Supreme Court of Ukraine and European mechanisms for the activities of Ukrainian Organizations of Corporate Governance etc.

Within the context of the Forum it was also discussed the concept of reforming the state system of legal protection of IP of Ukraine, which was developed by the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine, it was also dealt with issues of world and domestic development of intellectual property rights and the problem of the influence of counterfeits on the economy of the country.

The work of the forum was designed in the form of three parallel sessions where the participants had an opportunity to express their vision of the issue of copyright and related rights, geographical indications, commercial names, patent law and trademarks. The last session was devoted to the judicial practice.

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