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Experts discussed the use of a computer polygraph in carrying out certain types of forensic psychological research

An interdepartmental scientific and practical seminar “The use of computer polygraph in conducting certain types of forensic psychological research” was held at the Kiev Research Institute of Forensic Expertise.

The needs of the present in Ukraine and the wide international experience of forensic psychological expertise create favorable conditions for the effective implementation in the forensic practice of methods of psychological evaluation of the probability of reported information using a computer polygraph.

Specialists of the Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa Research Scientific Institutes of Forensic Expertise, All-Ukrainian Association of Polygraph Analysts of Ukraine, the College of Polygraph Analysts of Ukraine, as well as representatives of the Main Military Prosecutor’s Office and the Department of Special Investigations of the Prosecutor’s Generals Office of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Center for Prevention of Corruption Risks and Integrity Training of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine gathered for a joint discussion and solving pressing issues of the process of using a computer polygraph.

Oleksandr Ruvin, Director of KFI began the event with a welcome speech and noted that today it is necessary to promote the unification of efforts of Ukrainian polygraph examiners with the purpose of developing the profession and creating the basis for the joint formation of the specialized branch knowledge base.

“An important issue remains to determine the criteria for the effectiveness of polygraphs from different manufacturers and objective analysis of devices. It is important that they meet the requirements of state standards,” said the Director of KFI Oleksandr Ruvin.

Yurii Irkhin, the Head of the Psychological Research Department of KFI, was the moderator of the event. According to him, one of the priority tasks is the development of methods for using a computer polygraph for conducting certain types of forensic examinations, which will be included in the general register of judicial procedures. The forensic expert of KFI emphasized the importance of recording and finalizing DSTU 86: 2016 (National Standards of Ukraine) “Polygraph” during conducting forensic psychological examinations using a polygraph. In addition, it was about creating a single glossary (dictionary) with constant terms, which by default was used by polygraph specialists of various departments.

The speech of the Head of the College of Polygraph Analysts of Ukraine Vitalii Shapovalov was devoted to the necessity of applying international standards concerning polygraphs and corresponding techniques, development of a practical basis and the admissibility of the use of the concept of “reliability”.

The president of the All-Ukrainian Association of Polygraph Analysts Oleksii Dubrovskyi stressed that each technique that will be used in conducting studies using a polygraph, should have a psycho-physiological scientific basis.

“It is unacceptable to use, even when carrying out psychological examinations with a polygraph, the polygraphs that have not been verified/calibrated by the manufacturer or dealer on special equipment,” said Oleksii Dubrovskyi, the president of the All-Ukrainian Association of Polygraph Experts.

In general, the participants of the seminar agreed that such events are the beginning of a great deal of work and fundamental results. The general discussion contributes to the prompt solution of the vital issues of the industry and also helps to consolidate the efforts of all interested parties in solving actual problems.

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