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Expert of the Kropyvnytskyi Branch of KFI hold a seminar on conducting forensic psychological examination using a polygraph

On April 08, 2024, the Kropyvnytskyi Branch of KFI on the basis of the Donetsk Department of Internal Affairs hold a seminar on “Conducting a forensic psychological examination using a polygraph”.

The participants of the seminar were cadets of the Faculty of Training of Specialists for Pre-trial Investigation Units of the Donetsk State Police and psychologists of the Psychological Support Department of the Personnel Department of the Donetsk State Police.

During the meeting, Senior Forensic Expert Tetiana Litvinova spoke about the methodology of forensic expert activity, where she focused on the legal basis for the use of a polygraph, familiarized students with the structure of the examination, indicated what is the subject and who is the object of the study and what are the main tasks to be solved when conducting psychological research using a computer polygraph within the framework of forensic psychological examinations.

To understand the importance of conducting a psychophysiological study, Tetiana Litvinova demonstrated a trial test of the polygraph-based diagnosis of emotional stress. The expert also answered the students’ questions, in particular: about the limitations of polygraph examinations; about the reliability of polygraph examination results; whether it is possible to deceive a polygraph, whether a person can be falsely accused; whether it is possible to investigate events that occurred many years ago, etc.

The audience found the seminar productive and informative, with a wish to hold interesting and useful meetings of this format in the future.

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