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Economic research of forensic experts of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise

New economic conditions of management, as a rule, are based on complicated economic ties. In the process of economic activity, disputable and problematic issues are increasingly arising between the subjects, and their solution is possible due to the integrated use of legal and economic knowledge of forensic experts.

The professional activity of the economic-experts is to research of various spheres of financial and economic activity. Thus, the specialists of the Laboratory of Economic Research of KFI conduct the following types of research daily:

  • research of accounting, tax accounting and reporting documents;
  • research of documents on economic activity of enterprises and organizations;
  • research of documents of financial and credit operations.

Questions regarding the correctness in the accounting records and reporting documents of the enterprise of any economic activity may be raised for the decision of the economic expertise concerning their correctness;

  • Issues concerning the value of the share owned by the shareholder, the founder, the participant upon withdrawal from the partnership;
  • Problems of the dynamics of the financial conditions of the enterprise for a certain period and its ability to be responsible for the financial obligations imposed on it;
  • Issues of the completeness and timeliness of contractors’ fulfillment of the terms of contracts, including credit;
  • Questions regarding the charges and completeness of the payment of the tax amounts and other obligatory payments;
  • Issues regarding the order of the accrual and payment of bonus-bearing sums and dividends in accordance with the regulatory provisions of economic entities etc.

The above list of tasks is not exhaustive and shows that the forensic experts of KFI should have a wide range of knowledge in accounting, financing, tax accounting in the sphere of finance and creditі, in other words they are bearers of special knowledge.

The professional work of experts of Kyiv Scientific Research Institutes of Forensic Expertise will help to solve the problematic issues of the citizens. More detailed information on all types of research, please see the section expert activity.

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