Directory of KFI

Director:(044) 200-29-10
Deputy Director for expert work:(044) 200-29-20
Deputy Director for scientific work:(044) 200-29-24
Criminalistics Laboratory:(044) 200-29-14
Engineering and Technical Research Laboratory:(044) 200-29-25
Laboratory of Auto-technical, Commodity and Special Types of Research:(044) 200-29-27
Economic Research Laboratory:(044) 200-29-36
Organization of Scientific, Methodological Activities, Regulatory Support and International Cooperation Laboratory:(044) 200-29-18
Psychological Research Department:(044) 200-29-43
Military Examination Department:(044) 200-29-32
Human Resources Department:(044) 200-29-15
Accounting and Reporting Department:(044) 200-29-08
Household Support Department:(044) 200-29-16
Maintenance and Technical Department:(044) 200-29-29