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Congratulations to forensic experts on their professional holiday — Forensic Expert Day!

Dear Colleagues!

Today we are pleased to congratulate all forensic experts on their professional holiday — Forensic Expert Day!

Our society has been already conscious of the importance of the results of the work of forensic experts, on the timeliness and objectivity of which depends not only the legality of court decisions, but also the fate of many people.

On this holiday, we wish you, dear colleagues, good health, optimism in life, inspiration and job satisfaction, rapid professional and career growth, and the respect of others!

We are confident that you will continue to perform official duties, daily showing others an example of exemplary service to the interests of society in the field of justice.

We congratulate your relatives and friends, who, with their daily care, help you in your important work, in the restoration of vitality and spiritual strength.

We also thank our colleagues from the judicial, law enforcement, and other state bodies for fruitful cooperation and congratulations sent on the professional holiday!

Leadership of the

Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise

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