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Congratulations to Dnipropetrovsk Research Institute of Forensic Expertise on the 15th anniversary!

The establishment of Dnipropetrovsk Research Institute of Forensic Expertise in 2002 of course became a golden page in the history of the development of the forensic system of Ukraine.

Your professionalism, dedication to work, adherence principles is the main pledge in the establishment of justice. Let further each step in your work will be weighed and confident and you, as always, will stand on the side justice and human right and freedoms protection. Let our joint work and efforts will continue to affirm belief in justice and the reward for this will be a respect of every person and the entire Ukrainian community.

On this festive day we wish you to continue to keep the high standard of professionalism and competence, inexhaustible inspiration, good health, happiness and prosperity, new creative achievements for the benefit of our state. May every new day bring good, hope, confidence and success!

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