Congratulations on the Day of the National Police of Ukraine!

The staff of the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise cordially congratulates the employees of the National Police of Ukraine on their professional holiday!

By choosing the profession of a police officer, you have connected your life with an extremely responsible, risky, difficult, and important task – to serve society by ensuring the protection of human rights and freedoms, combating crime, and maintaining public safety and order. You protect law and order, the lives of citizens and their peace of mind, and they, in turn, believe in justice, efficiency, openness and intolerance to manifestations of corruption.

After a full-scale invasion of russia, you have shown yourself to be courageous patriots who are ready to defend their country from an external enemy, who has not betrayed the oath and continue to defend the Ukrainian land.

On this solemn day, we sincerely wish you success and fruitful work for the benefit of the people of Ukraine.

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