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Congratulations on the Day of the Forensic Expert!

Every year, on July 4, Ukraine celebrates a professional holiday – The Day of the Forensic Expert. The glorious tradition of celebration was started in 2009 by the order of the President of Ukraine.

Forensic examination, as a professional activity, has a long history. But today, the professional activity of forensic experts has gained more importance than ever before and makes everything in their power to protect the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, the interests of the state, and to establish the rule of law.

Today’s holiday came under difficult conditions of martial law, but we firmly believe that the hard work of forensic experts will help in the overall victory of Ukraine!

We sincerely thank the forensic experts for their fruitful work, professionalism, dedication and service to the Law and justice.

We pay special respect to the veterans of forensic expertise, who, by their dedication to the profession, laid down glorious traditions and passed on invaluable experience to the younger generation.

The management and staff of the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise congratulate colleagues on their professional holiday and wish professional growth, inspiration in business and peaceful skies!  We wish everyone fortitude, endurance, resilience, and indestructibility!

We want to adequately maintain the position of legality regardless of the circumstances, creative inspiration, and perseverance in achieving the noble goal of ensuring the domination of legality in the name of a man and strengthening the authority of Ukraine.

We thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteers, including our experts, who, defending us, allow us to fulfil their professional duties as forensic experts.

Unity is our strength and the victory of our first-time Ukraine.

We are free! We are strong! We will win!

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