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Congratulations on the Day of Science!

The development of science, the effective use of the results of scientific activity, implementation of new technologies is the basis of the state’s growth. At the same time, this is the basis of the intellectual potential of the nation, the guarantee of its future.

Now, when in all spheres of human and society more and more the general civilization tendencies of development are becoming established, the transition to scientific information technologies is becoming a priority demand of the time. The staff of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise successfully works on solving this issue.

We are convinced that the leading figures of science, their young talented followers will continue to make efforts to develop the country’s potential, to enrich the treasury of domestic and world achievements.

We sincerely wish everyone good health, happiness, creative inspiration and outstanding success in their professional activities as well as new discoveries, unsurpassed accomplishments for the benefit of the Ukrainian people, in the name of the prosperity of Ukraine.

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