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Congratulations on the Day of Lawyer!

On October 8, the Day of Lawyer is traditionally celebrated in our country. This is a special professional holiday, because it unites people of various legal professions – judges, lawyers, notaries, justice workers, and many others.

The profession of a lawyer is important and responsible, because today there is no such field of activity, of where authority or enterprise would operate with without consulting a specialist in this field. Every day thousands of citizens turn to lawyers to get help and it is important that they would receive qualified assistance. The level of professionalism of lawyers is the level of the legal culture of the whole country, the level of the society’s development and the position of the state in the world.

Dear colleagues, we wholeheartedly congratulate you on your professional holiday! We wish you strong health, family well-being and mutual understanding. Let the work bring you joy and will always be duly appreciated!

Yours faithfully,

Director KFI Oleksandr Ruvin

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