Congratulations on the Day of Court Employees of Ukraine!

The Day of Court Employees was established in accordance with the Presidential Decree of December 8, 2000 “taking into account the role of courts in ensuring the protection of human and citizen rights and freedoms, in establishing the principle of the rule of law and developing and strengthening Ukraine as a democratic, legal state”.

Management and staff of the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise congratulate you on a professional holiday!

You serve the Ukrainian people, ensuring human rights and freedoms, affirming the principles of the rule of law, and the development of Ukraine as a democratic, legal state. Each fair court decision is a weighty brick in the building of Ukrainian justice, a pledge of trust in the independent and independent branch of state power exercised by the courts.

We are sure that the judiciary will continue to work to strengthen the democratic foundations of the judiciary and to implement legal principles that guarantee free and harmonious development for every person.

May human respect and gratitude be your reward for faithfully serving the ideals of justice!

Happy holiday to you!

Glory to Ukraine!

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