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Congratulations of the President of Ukraine on the Day of Forensic Expert

Dear friends!

I sincerely congratulate all forensic experts of Ukraine on a professional holiday.

The Ukrainian forensic examination has passed a difficult path of formation and development and is closely connected with the history of our state.

On July 4, 1913, the Prosecutor of Kyiv Chamber of Justice established the Cabinet of Scientific and Forensic Expertise. Today it is Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, one of the oldest state expert institutions in Ukraine.

All these years, a team of experienced experts and a strong laboratory base of the Institute contributed to the fact that the specialists of the Institute were traditionally entrusted with the most complex examinations in cases involving events that were widely resonated in society.

Over 105 years, more than 1.5 million forensic examinations have been conducted, almost half of which – during the years of Ukraine’s independence. This is, above all, expertise in cases involving terrorism, mass deaths of people, public calls for violent change or overthrow of the constitutional order, corruption acts of former high-ranking officials, etc.

In the period after the Revolution of Dignity, the experts of the Institute on a high professional level conducted an assessment of the damage to our state caused by the annexation of the Crimea and Sevastopol, provided with irrefutable evidence investigation of the disaster of the Malaysian Boeing flight MH17, the death of the heroes of Heavenly Hundred, the tragedy of ATO in Ilovajsk and Debaltsevo, fires and explosions on military arsenals in Swatovo, Balakliia, Kalynivka and many other events.

On the day of the professional holiday, we not only review past achievements again, but also compare them with the tasks to be performed in the future.

The Ukrainian forensic expertise, in which a significant part of the intellectual, scientific and technical elite of the country is concentrated, has clearly demonstrated its ability to quickly and effectively reform and the ability to work in today’s difficult conditions, adequately continuing the best traditions which had been laid down by its outstanding pioneers in the last century.

Dear friends! I cordially congratulate you on your professional holiday and on the occasion of the 105th anniversary of forensic expertise in Ukraine. I want to thank specialists and scientists, all who work in expert institutions, for their honest, selfless, inspired work and the high professionalism and patriotism shown at the same time.

The state, for its part, will do everything possible to realize the legitimate rights and guarantees of the independence of forensic experts, to create the best opportunities for fulfilling their professional duties.

I wish you all good health, happiness, new successes in your responsible work.

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