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Chernihiv branch of KFI


  • Handwriting and signature research
  • Linguistic research of written speech
  • Requisites of documents research
  • Research of printing forms and other means of making documents
  • Ballistic research of firearms and ammunition
  • Ballistic research of weapons’ traces, traces of a shot and the situational circumstances of a shot
  • Cold steel weapons research
  • Research of tools, units, cold steel weapons and traces left by them, identification of the whole by parts
  • Fingerprint examination
  • Research of paints and coatings
  • Research of petroleum products and fuels and lubricants
  • Research of alcohol-containing mixtures
  • Research of chemical substances and special chemicals
  • Research of circumstances and the mechanism of road accidents
  • Research of technical condition of vehicles
  • Transport and trace evidence research
  • Research of real estate objects, building materials, structures and related documents
  • Distribution of land and determination of the procedure for the use of land plots
  • Determination of the estimated value of construction objects and structures
  • Estimation of land plots
  • Research of technical operation of electrical equipment
  • Research on land administration
  • Research of accounting, tax accounting and reporting documents
  • Research of documents on the economic activity of enterprises and organizations
  • Research of documents on financial and credit transactions
  • Commodity examination
  • Evaluation of machinery, equipment, raw materials and consumer goods
  • Determination of the value of wheeled vehicles and the amount of damage caused to the owner of the vehicle

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