Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine is the oldest state expert institution of Ukraine, which has been carrying out tens of thousands of forensic expertise annually by decrees of courts of all levels for more than a century. It also provides a high scientific and methodological level of activities for the investigative bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine the Security Service of Ukraine, authorities of the prosecutor’s office, customs authorities and other institution, whose tasks are carriedЧитати далі →

One of the priority tasks of Ukraine today is legal, scientific and socio-economic support for the creation and development of existing mechanism of the intellectual property protection. The current legislative and regulatory framework in Ukraine provides an effective system of means and methods for protecting rights to intellectual property objects as well as defines the procedure for its implementation. The experts of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise conduct relevant expertise of the objects of intellectual property. Their main task is to determine the features of theЧитати далі →

On July 5, 2017, the Government of the Netherlands announced that the criminal proceeding in the case the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 would be carried out within the national jurisdiction of the Netherlands. The relevant decision was made by the countries of the International Joint Investigation Team (JIT), which includes Belgium, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Malaysia and Australia. A mechanism of guilty people’s accountability for the crime has been developed by the joint efforts as well. «The JIT have now decided that the suspects should beЧитати далі →

To conduct of forensic fire and technical expertise is becoming more difficult. There are many difficulties in the process of research the formation of regulatory legislative base which the experts are solved. Oleksandr Shmereho, the Head of the Department for Labor Protection, Fire and Technical and Electrical Research of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise in the interview with the journalist of “Pozhtekhbezpeka” (meaning “fire-fighting technical safety”) magazine spoke about the peculiarities of conducting forensic expertise and regulatory legislative base that needs to be modernized. Recently theЧитати далі →

Dear colleagues! Congratulations on your professional holyday – Day of Forensic Expert of Ukraine! Inexhaustible energy, vital optimism, prudence and professionalism in you work – this approach ensures your success and prosperity. You follow legality and protection of the rights of human’s and citizen’s rights and freedoms, promote the development of the rule of the law state in the field of forensic expertise. On this festive day I sincerely wish you in the future to keep a high standard of professionalism, good health, family well-being and creative inspiration to realize all your ideas and plans. May happiness and prosperity never leave your home and every day brings only good hope, confidence and success! Let be happy in business and the soul is filled with joy!Читати далі →

Holograms’ expertise has gained popularity in view of their use for the protection securities, documents and goods. Holographic security elements are used as one of the degrees from counterfeiting in combination with printing and other types of protection. Independently they are used in most cases to protect goods’ counterfeiting or as a means of access control (a variety of holographic seals). The experts of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise carry out expertise of the protective elements of the state entrance visas, passports, certificates, plastic payments means,Читати далі →

Representatives of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise at the invitation of the National Agency for Accreditation of Ukraine took part in the seminar for experts on the accreditation of testing laboratories in accordance with DSTU ISO/IEC 17025:2006. The event was organized with the purpose to increase the level of the competence of the audience. The participants reviewed the check basics of the testing laboratories in accordance with the procedures of the National Agency for Accreditation of Ukraine as well as the pressing issues of their accreditationЧитати далі →

Art was valued at all times and the value of rare exhibits increases with each year. The experts of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise carry out relevant art expertise to determine the value of works of art, establishing their identity and value. Possessing the necessary knowledge of the issues under research, the experts of KFI study antique and pieces of art, namely: monumental and easel painting, graphics, decorative and applied arts, monuments of architecture, sculptures, small plastic arts, musical instruments, musical literature; printed products, audio andЧитати далі →

The staff of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise congratulates colleagues from the Union of Experts of Ukraine on the 20th anniversary! Established in 1997, the Union of Experts of Ukraine has been contributing for 20 years to the provision of justice and the protection of legitimate social, economic, creative and other public interests of our citizens. Today your staff continues and multiplies its glorious traditions. We wish you good health; inspiration and further achievements in professional activities to bring the forensic system in line with theЧитати далі →

Dear colleagues, we congratulate you on the outstanding state holiday — the Constitution Day of Ukraine! The adoption of the Basic Law marked the fundamental consolidation of our independence, imprinted forever the will of the Ukrainian people to live in a sovereign, unified state. The Constitution emphasizes the absolute value of man, his life and health, honor and dignity, integrity and security. The Basic Law is the determining factor of ensuring the state sovereignty of Ukraine, the consolidation of society, the creation of proper conditions for self-realization of an individual. Let the holiday give us all the strength and creative achievements for the sake of the prosperity of our independent country. With all our heart we wish you good health, long life, peace and prosperity, fulfillment of all plans for the sake of the bright future of Ukraine! Happy holidays, dear friends! Happy Constitution of Ukraine!Читати далі →