The pressing issues of forensic research of vehicles and registration documents, the forensic experts discussed during the international scientific and practical seminar in Zaporizhzhia. Within two working days the participants of the event have heard over 30 reports of Ukrainian and foreign speakers. It was about the practice of cars’ research of different brands, the modern aspects of combating the legalization of stolen vehicles, the algorithm of actions of specialists in the conduct of vehicle inspection, the cases of changing identification numbers, the special study of additional carriersЧитати далі →

On September 26, 2017, the international interdepartmental seminar on the topic “Modern Methods of Personality Identification by Appearance ” will be held on the basis of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine together in cooperation with international companies PRIME Consulting & Technologies K / S and Softico. The main message of the event: “In a huge amount of photo and video information it is possible indeed to find what you need.” The program of the seminar provides for consideration ofЧитати далі →

As it is known from literary sources, the word “expertise” came to us from the Latin language and literally translates “experienced”. Modern legislation defines the notion of forensic expertise as an expert’s study on the basis of special knowledge of material objects, phenomena and processes that contain information about the circumstances of the case in the proceedings of the preliminary investigation bodies or the court. According to Article 10 of the Law of Ukraine “On Forensic Expertise”, forensic experts may be persons who have the necessary knowledge toЧитати далі →

Inna Holova, the Head of the Department of Commodity Research and Research of Intellectual Property and Natalia Klimova, the lead forensic expert of the Department Department of Commodity Research and Research of Intellectual Property took part in a round table discussion: “Review of the conclusions of forensic experts: reasons for the appointment, content, procedural status”. The event was held on the basis of the Research Center for Forensic Expertise on Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. The agenda included issues of the specifics of theЧитати далі →

The journalists of the ICTV channel interviewed Oleksandr Shmereho, the Head of the Department on Health and Safety, Fire and Technical and Electrical Research of Kyiv Research Scientific Institute of Forensic Expertise, who has the qualification of a forensic expert in the field of “The exploration of explosive devices, traces and circumstances of the explosion”. The topic of the conversation was the clarification of possible circumstances of the murder of Yevhen Konovalets, the leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. According to information from free sources, it isЧитати далі →

The Register of methodologies of conducting forensic expertise is the official database that is maintained with the purpose of creating an information fund on the availability of methods for conducting forensic expertise that have been certified and recommended for implementation in the expert practice in accordance with the Procedure for attestation and state registration of methods for conducting forensic expertise approved by Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 02.07.2008 N 595 ( 595-2008-п ). The information contained in the Register is open to requests of law enforcement bodies, courts andЧитати далі →

The study of objects of plant and animal origin is an important urgent task, since the diversity of flora and fauna surrounds a person in a daily activities. The relevant researches are carried out within the framework of biological expertise. Forensic experts, possessing special knowledge, make the following researches: leaves, stems, flowers, hay, straw, bark, wood, roots, fruits, seeds, grain, spores, pollen, etc; derivatives of animal skin (hair, feathers, scale etc); products of the processing of plant and animal organisms (feed for animals and birds, flour, pieces ofЧитати далі →

In accordance with the Law of “Forensic Expertise” forensic expertise — is a research by an expert on the basis of special knowledge of material objects, phenomena and processes that contain information about the circumstances of a case that is conducted by the inquiries bodies, preliminary inquiry or court bodies. When investigating and reviewing criminal cases in courts in accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine (CPC of Ukraine) there is often a need for special information in the field of commodity science. The information ofЧитати далі →

Yurii Irkhin, the Head of the Department Psychological Research of KFI helped journalists to analyze the behavior of the detained robbers who had been recently detained in the capital. The representatives of the TV studio of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine applied to the expert’s explanations. The leading expert-psychologist of KFI analyzed the behavior of detained citizens and told about the features that could be used in the determination of their skills in possession of weapons and the actual roles as the robbers distributed among themselves. According to the expert, the detained citizens acted confidently and carefully, this is evidenced by non-verbal details. To this event they prepared and trained at the level of the game. “In this situation, offenders physically and behaviorally did not act bold enough, however, the determination and confidence showed about the personal courage. These are the guys became offendersЧитати далі →

In the administration of justice, forensic experts provide great assistance to the investigation and court. When the expertise is carried out, the material evidence and other materials are being investigated actual data and circumstances of various cases are established. Expertise can be appointed by the decision of the investigator or the court’s decision, if there is a need for special knowledge. In some cases specified by law, they are mandatory. The expert’s conclusions in all cases have the same procedural significance with other evidence in the case. ExpertiseЧитати далі →