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At the invitation of the Prosecutor`s Training Center of Ukraine, a representative of the KFI took part in the presentation of the training manual

On April 23, 2024, a presentation of the training manual “Calls for Genocide: Bringing Propagandists to Justice. International Experience and Ukrainian Law” was organized by the Prosecutor`s Training Center of Ukraine.

The event was attended by Anton Polianskyi, Head of the Laboratory for the Organization of Scientific, Methodological Activities, Regulatory Support and International Cooperation and Training of Experts of the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise; representatives of law enforcement agencies, international organizations, as well as representatives of the public and government sectors.

The presentation included a discussion of the challenges faced by law enforcement officers in criminal proceedings on propaganda-related crimes and possible ways to address them.

The event included a panel discussion and a Q&A session with the authors and participants.

The discussion of this topic is very relevant, as it contributes to the development of more effective strategies to combat the spread of calls for genocide during the military aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine and to bring propagandists to justice.

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