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At Kropyvnytskyi Branch of KFI was conducted a practical training session for the National Police employees

Forensic-psychological examination is still one of the most important types of forensic examinations. Its importance in establishing the circumstances to be proved in criminal and civil cases is beyond doubt. The results of the research of expert psychologists help to identify the signs of the crime and to choose the right direction of the investigation, to put forward a valid version of the nature of the event under investigation.

For the purpose of interaction between law enforcement agencies and forensic institutions, the Kropyvnytskyi branch of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise has initiated a number of measures aimed at optimizing the use of special psychological knowledge of forensic expertise in criminal proceedings.

Tatiana Litvynova, the specialist of Kropyvnytskyi Branch conducted a practical training session for National Police of Ukraine employees, namely the police units of juvenile prevention. The event was held on the basis of the training center of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Kirovohrad oblast.

During the first meeting with law enforcement officers, the expert told the audience about the main methodological principles of forensic psychological expert research, the object of which is a minor. The conversation included the main issues of this field, namely: individually and socio-psychological characteristics of minors; the main motivations for the child’s activity and behavior; features of the emotional-volitional sphere of the child, etc.

At the end of the communication, as part of familiarizing the listeners with the psycho-diagnostic methods of the expert-psychologist, the speaker held a practical exercise “Creating a psychological portrait with the use of a signature.” Volunteers of this training course submitted samples of their signatures for analysis and received a brief commentary on the expert’s own individual psychological characteristics.

According to Konstiantyn Lahoda, the Head of Kropyvnytskyi Branch of KFI, such meetings will continue.

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