У Київському НДІСЕ відбувся обмін досвідом із експертами Національної поліції Латвійської Республіки

Specialists of the Department of the Technical and Forensic Examination of the documents of the National Police of the Republic of Latvia completed an internship at Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

As part of the exchange of experience, the representatives of the National Police of Latvia have deepened their knowledge of the study the procedure for carrying out forensic expert activities of Ukrainian expert institutions, familiarized themselves with the basic functions of the forensic research laboratory of KFI as well as with the procedure of conducting forensic examination of documents.

The importance of the development of these topics is beyond doubt, since it is increasingly necessary in the process of investigating criminal offenses that it becomes necessary to determine a method of making a document, to make changes to it, to restore the contents of a damaged document, etc. This is due to the forgery of documents in various ways to commit criminal acts, when only an expert with relevant specialized knowledge and skills can determine the truth.

These problems are common for the solution of both specialists of KFI and colleagues of the Technical Forensic Examination Department of the documents of the National Police of the Republic of Latvia. Exchange of experience and comparison of working methods will allow finding the best way to solve actual problem issues.

It should be reminded that the experts of KFI conduct forensic examinations and expert studies in almost all major areas. This process is constantly being improved through the implementation of research projects on the thematic R & D plan of institutions of forensic examinations of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, as well as the personal desire for professional growth.

Experts of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise are regular participants in various scientific events: conferences, workshops, round tables. KFI pays special attention to the development of promising areas of international cooperation, in particular, active work is carried out within the working groups of the European Network of Forensic Expert Institutions (ENFSI).