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All-Ukrainian Educational Project of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine “I Have a Right!”

Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise supports the initiative of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and informs citizens about the work of the all-Ukrainian educational project “I Have a Right!” that started to work in June 2017.

The aim of the project is to form a new legal culture of the society that will ensure the sustainable development of Ukraine as a modern legal democratic state.

According to Pavel Petrenko, the Minister of Justice Ukraine, the strategic goal of the long-term national program “I HAVE A RIGHT!” is to raise the level of knowledge of the Ukrainians regarding their rights in various spheres of life, the legal consciousness of citizens and the ability of communities to protect their rights.

The priority theme of the information campaign for 2017 was the right of citizens in the area of access to justice, protection of property rights and the formation of the ability to resist the manifestations of corruption in higher educational institutions.

Free primary legal assistance includes such types of legal services as providing access to legal information; the provision of advice and clarification on legal issues; making of applications, complaints and other documents of a legal nature (except documents of a procedural nature); assistance in ensuring a person’s access to secondary legal assistance and mediation.

Everyone has the right to receive such assistance: not only citizens of Ukraine, but also foreign citizens, stateless persons, refugees, that are all persons under the jurisdiction of Ukraine, have the right to apply for this assistance.

For more information on the project’s work, contacts of regional and local centers for the provision of Free Legal Aid and other necessary information can be found on the website of the coordination center or by calling ☎ 0(800)213103.

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