Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise
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Blast Research

  • Research of Explosives, Post-Blast and Shot Products

The main objectives of the examinations of explosives and explosion (shot) products include:

- to detect affiliation of the object to the explosives or substances that can be used as components for making explosive substances, powder charges or fireworks;

- to determine a method of manufacturing explosives; to detect micro traces of explosives and their decomposition products on media objects;

- to identify starting material which was used to blast (shot) for their post blast (shot) decomposition products;

- to determine the genus (group) of explosives (powder charges).

  • Research of Explosive Devices, Traces and Circumstances

The main tasks of this type of expertise are:

- to determine the explosion of an explosive device at the scene;

- to determine the type of explosion;

- to detect affiliation of the object to explosive devices (ammunition) and to define the classification category of the device;

- to determine the power of the explosive device;

- to definite (describe) design of the device and method of manufacturing;

- to determine the device ability to cause an explosion and the possibility to start the device in specific circumstances (concussion, heating, etc.);

- to reveal the case data relating to the person who produced an improvised explosive device and started it.