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Examinations on Occupational and Life Safety

  • Research on Causes and Consequences of Violations of Life Safety and Occupational Health

The main objectives of expertise on occupational health and life safety are:

- to find out the causes and consequences of accidents and emergencies;

- to determine a mechanism of an accident or emergency;

- to establish the compliance of actions of certain entities and persons with regulatory and technical documents regulating the safe progress of the work, etc.

- to determine a causal relationship between the actions of certain individuals and the accident;

- to identify the persons whose activity (or inactivity) is related to the accident;

- to establish the compliance of relevant qualification of the subject with the process which he performes;

- to determine technically causal relationships between actions (or inaction) of persons and the event of an accident etc.

- to determine whether the actual working conditions of the enterprise meet the regulatory requirements on safety.