У Київському НДІСЕ відбулось чергове засідання Технічного комітету 192 «Судова експертиза»

The regular meeting of the Technical Committee 192 “Forensic Sciences” took place on the basis of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise. The body deals with the development of national standards, including those harmonized with international standards in the field of forensic expertise.

The relevant activities contribute to organizational and methodological support in the field of forensic examinations, a unified approach to work with physical evidence, conducting forensic examinations, unity of measurements, technical and informational compatibility, comparability of research results, work on unification in the field of forensic expertise, etc.

Representatives of scientific, educational, enterprises and organizations that are involved in the field of forensic examination took part in the meeting.

The conference’s agenda for participants included the following questions:

  • Consideration of applications for membership in TC 192;
  • Consideration of proposals on the structure of TC 192 and membership in its structural divisions;
  • Consideration of the work program of TC 192 for the current and future years;
  • Consideration of TC 192 work plan for current and future years, etc.