A meeting of the section of forensic questioned document examination was held

On November 25, 2022, a meeting of the forensic questioned document examination section took place of the Scientific Advisory and Methodological Council on Forensic Science at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine was held via video conference.

From the Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the following participated in the work of the section:

  • Victoriia Kulykovska, Head of the Questioned Document Examination Department;
  • Mykola Molyboha, Leading Researcher;
  • Olena Pryimak, Chief Forensic Expert of the Questioned Document Examination Department.

The work of the section was carried out in accordance with the agenda. The participants reviewed the annotated reports of works for 2022 and discussed the results of the research approval in accordance with the plan for the approval of the results of scientific research works of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine research for 2022 and new topics that are planned to be included in the thematic plan of the research of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine for 2023. There was also a discussion of the results of the implementation of the research for 2022. In addition, the participants of the section considered and discussed the actual problems of forensic examination of documents, in particular, questions regarding the relevance of recommended scientific and technical and reference literature, review of training (internship) programs, etc.

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