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365 days of indestructibility of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people!

February 24 marks 365 days since the beginning of the criminal full-scale invasion of the russian federation in Ukraine.

With its armed aggression, russia unleashed a continental war in Europe, undermining the system of collective world security established after World War II. Russia is fighting, violating all possible norms of international law, and the world is once again faced with a regime that seeks and is heading for the latest totalitarianism.

Russian troops have been carrying out unprecedented in Europe since the Second World War aviation, missile, and artillery shelling of the territory of Ukraine. Russian missiles and shells hit thousands of civilian infrastructures: residential buildings, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, shopping and entertainment centers. Just as Nazi Germany once terrorized Britain with bombings in 1940–1941, so russia now terrorizes Ukraine. The purpose of russian aggression is not just the seizure of territories, but the destruction of our national identity.

In the year that has passed since the full-scale invasion, Ukrainian people have demonstrated to the world examples of courage, resilience, courage, ingenuity, and unity before the enemy. A full-scale attack hastened the consolidation of the Ukrainian nation. National unity became the basis of successful resistance. Ukrainians withstood and proved their ability to defeat russian military aggression, although at the beginning of a full-scale invasion we were not given a chance that we would stand against this invasion.

But during the year of the great war, the Armed Forces of Ukraine defended their native land, defended the independence of Ukraine, and did not allow to destroy everything Ukrainian. Brave Ukrainian people at the cost of their lives defend not only themselves, but the whole world. Ukrainians are holding back a crazy aggressor who threatens to turn the planet into nuclear ash.

And every new day of struggle is a new reason not to give up. Because, having gone through so much and having experienced so much horror, we have no right not to reach the end.

We will win because the army is fighting for russia, and the PEOPLE are fighting for Ukraine!

Glory to all who fight for Ukraine!

Bright memory to everyone who gave their lives for freedom for Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!

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